Working Water

This is kind of because of my Cessna 172 Floatplane. This woud mean that water isn’t just blue terrain, and you can’t land on it with landing gear. It also wouldn’t be solid. A normal plane wouldn’t be able to land on water (I guess it could float), but a seaplane would.

Use this;


This request isn’t needed. It would simply be an aspect of the ‘floatplane’ request.

For example. The devs wouldn’t create a floatplane that would crash if you landed it on the ‘floats’. That would be pointless as you could never land it ever. Therefore, built into the code of the floatplane, would be the sim successfully landing on the ‘floats’ without the need for a ‘landing gear’. Ultimately, the floats are the landing gear.

There is no need for special ‘working water’ for the floatplanes. You would simply just land the floatplane over water.

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I think there is already a thread on this, and water can flow with max water settings on, it just not 100% realistic, maybe with global this could be fixed ;)