Working the Ramp!

Hello IFC. Today I present some life action photos of myself working the ramp while I’m on my TDY assignment! My mom took these photos as she was flying back home after spending the weekend with me!
Bonus Question, Who can guess what I was talking to the pilot about


Congrats! I hope it went well!

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It’s been going really good! Longggg hours bit worth it

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Nice! 😊

What were you saying?

Haha that’s a secret. We were talking about something specific for winter time

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Did ya ask the pilot if he plays IF?

Haha nope I didn’t. I didn’t have time too at al l


I’ve always wondered if pilots ever play the game…

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There’s a bunch on here that’s do


You asked if he needed to be deiced.

We have a winner. He told me he wanted to be de-iced and asked me about it.


I did that a bunch today too

Are ramp agents allowed to use gopros and record? I’ve been wondering this for awhile.

In the US not that I’m aware of. I do know some company’s allow photos but that’s it. The ramp is a secured area. Airports don’t allow it and some company’s have specific requirements and rules

Depending on company policy they can be

It really depends on local management really. Main thing is anything you record and and post to youtube can’t be for profit, and obviously don’t compromise safety cause you want to record something cool.

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I direct you to this man

You should check out his other stuff too. He’s a little IF YouTuber. Not sure if anyone’s heard of him, but I think he goes by @JNG_Aviation or something



Honestly. They say “technically” you’re not supposed to but the airline I worked for never wrote it in stone. It became an “as long as you don’t get distracted with your task at hand” thing. Little did I know I had a fan base among the workers before I came to the airport.

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