Working RMI or HSI

Is this possible? It would be really helpful (especially for me so that I can learn and practice all those entries to hold and radial intercept and track out) for area navigation using VORs. 😀

It would be nice if you could add more detail to your request and explain it’s feature clearly so that everbody understands.


Would love to see improved Radio Navigation. Definitly agree with that!

Your request is a little bit short.
I recommend you to add some details (what that is, advantages or disadvantages)

But generally I like your idea

Basically, i hope we will be able to change the ILS DG with an RMI or HSI which will point to a VOR instead of just the runway


Would be awesome for some radio navigation

VOR - VOR navigation is a lot harder to fly than people think, but it’s also the coolest. But I doubt many would understand the principles…

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Doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be added. It’s be really nice to have

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MaxSez: I vote h### No! US Radio Nav’s (Vortex, Tacan, etc.) are being dismantled in the states as I jot. Technology has finally taken the giant step forward we have all been waiting for. This is the aviation era of digital and GPS. Next you foggies will want sexton in ever airplane just in case! OhMy!


LOL, I was about to mention the sexton.

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Serious question max, for old steam gauges will it be back to map and compass navigation if they don’t have GPS? Not hugely knowledgeable on this area of radio nav

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@Insertusernamehere… Here’s my take on Radio Nav of all types. it and the avionics that support it will soon be museum pieces. Why wasted time learning an obsolete system. Steam Gage’s (HSI/RMI) etc. will be around as basic civilian kit in low end GA for the foreseeable future. But high end GPS & low end FMS will replace the obsolete as GA glass cockpits get cheaper in your lifetime, even GA manufacturers offer glass as an option now. Except for a few low end/3d world carrier the switch to GPS is at almost 100% in reputable commercial Av. . All my GA bud’s here Nav utilizing handheld or plug in SatNav devices with stand by compasses& Charts when quasi dead reckoning for locals. The military will always have there navigators with there sexton’s, standby compasses & Charts as back up for wartime conditions , cause the bad guys will compromise the clusters via meaconing.
The aviation world is forever changing for the better. The days of seat of the pants flying and Morris Code xmit’s is almost history, the crowded sky’s require modernization. GPS & Inertial Nav are the future for now. Regards, Max

(US FAA is presently incrementally dismantling Vortex (VOR) xmitter’s nation wide)


I made a request about an improved HSI a while ago here:

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Well this is just a selfish request from me since it can help me learn radio nav and it’s in my current curriculum lol

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I use simionic app on my ipad to simulate holds vor and ndb, and also approach and departures. But this is purely g1000 cockpit. Good app, try it out.

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I like your request but I doubt it will be implemented. It would make this game a simulator

That was savage.

Anyways, It is a cool idea, but it could take the devs a while to create.

they already have a working ILS, just make it a VOR instead right?

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MaxSez: KISS- Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) - Radio Magnetic Indicator (RMI) Steam Gage’s are quickly becoming obsolete. There utilized for Radio Beacon Navigation (Vortex). The FAA is phasing out the Radion Beacon System nationwide as I jot. SatNav (GPS ) and Inertial navigation is the future.
Initial entry Flight Schools and FAA qual testing still requires Radio Beacon tech & application expertise. Some of you may be cramming the books on this soon to be defunked system. For IF there is no need to add RMI/HSI instrumentation to the present avionics. IF VOR’s are not activated thus no Radio Morris signal therefor not need for the associated steam Gage’s. Bottom line Radio Nav Steam Gage’s and there supporting system are phasing out. HUD/Flight Directer are the future! Pilot looks forward! Fledglings by the time you get to flight school this nit to will pass!


Flight Director

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@tamm01. MaxSez: “Selfish Request” and an odious self server from your narrative. Not to worry, just a little trig, geometric extrapolation and situational awareness and you’ll ace this portion of the course. Good Luck on the written, the real test will be on your check ride. Good Luck, Max

(For Clarity on today’s plates RNav is GPS. This differs from old time RNav which was Radio Beacon based. Ya know radials and all that Beacon freq switching. RNav (WAAS receiver) all the way KISS.)

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