Working planes?

Hello, I’m looking for plane/s to buy, and since I could not find a post regarding this, I’ll be asking directly. What planes work? I don’t want to buy a plan that does not work. (Does not fly correctly or anything else similar)

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Hi man,

all of FDS’s planes work fine.


This doesn’t belong under support. Support is for technical issues only, not advice. Please switch this to the general category.

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I switched it. The latest models in IF should be good. (787, C130 etc)


Last time I checked, some of the planes flew wonky, like the one that only had the virgin livery, they removed it though, just wanted to make sure I did not buy a plane that had the same issues

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The old virgin 787 (eons ago) has been replaced by a modern 787 with high definition textures, animated parts, and wing flex among many other things. Definitely worth the money.

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Just like what @Shawn_Coleman said, all planes in IF work fine. But il give you what planes I like and what planes I don’t like that much

My favorite planes in IF: A320 series, Boeing 737 series, Boeing 787 series, Boeing 777 series.
These are the planes I like because they have better flight physics, accurate cockpits, updated graphics and textures, etc.

Planes I dislike in IF: Boeing 757, Boeing 767, A380, A330/A340.
These planes can fly and work fine. But compared to the others, they have inaccurate cockpit details, unrealistic flight physics, and not updated graphics and textures.


All of the planes are great. However, the planes with updated/more realistic flight physics are the 787, C130, a320 series, 777, Dash-8, and the citation X


I’m not sure if these are free or not… Live+ problems

Just don’t get the a330 family, a340,CRJ. They are old planes that need a rework
and jets… not the best choice if flying on live. They are violation magnets!

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Except on casual…

I think all the grade ones on IF know.


Everything but the CRJ-200. Some could be tweaked, but that’s the one that seems to operate under some parallel universe Physics.


What about the C-17?

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Yeah, that’s a pretty rough one, too.

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787, 777, 747, C-130, 747, a320, Cessna citation x. (The families too so the a318/9/20/21 + 787-8/9/10