Working on an Atlas 747-400

Welcome to my new topic!

Yesterday, I had the chance to stay late and help out for an Atlas flight coming in to PSM.

Normally I don’t stay beyond my normal shift, but I decided to stay, because it was my only chance to see a Boeing 747 up close.

I have to say, I never thought I’d have fun helping out :).

Our 744 was actually running 2 hours late (oh no!), and arrived around 9:30pm. It taxied down the wrong taxiway in which everyone but me (I was focused on the airplane) wasn’t really happy about it haha.

After we chocked the wheels, we then began the normal airline stuff with catering, fueling, trash, Lavatory, and other services.

I did get a chance to actually go inside the 747, and it was My very first time on a Boeing 747!!. I even went up stairs and was surprised to see it was more narrow than the main cabin downstairs.

The aircraft was configured 2-2-2 Business (nose had a 1-2-1), and 2-2 business upstairs. All had personal IFE’s installed. Then the aircraft had the traditional 3-4-3 economy layout, which they unfortunately did not have IFE’s and had the overhead TV’s instead.

I did not take pictures as I was helping out with catering at the moment, but it was a blast helping out over wing!

After boarding was complete, the plane was then pushed back. I actually had to sprint to move the fuel truck away from the airplane, and instead got Jet Blasted pretty hard (ended up blowing a jug from the Lav Truck about 50 feet near the terminal fence). It was a strong blast, but thankfully nothing was toppled sideways.

I then proceeded to go home as the other final atlas came in for the night.

Hope you liked this topic, now here are some pictures!

Everything prepared on standby for the arrival of our plane

Missed the taxiway it was supposed to come down to. Oh well

Turning to face us now

After finishing marshaling. This plane was HUGE. It was nearly tall as the building!

Big engine.

Hanging out in the fuel truck about to move the truck into position

Just stunning being up here

Before pushing back the aircraft.

After pushing back. It finally left around 11:30pm.


Wow! What an awesome experience you have mate! Thanks for sharing :D


Wow Cool. Your So Lucky!


So I’m guessing your ground crew.


No, I’m Line Service. I work at the FBO, but we also help out on these types of jobs too. Our FBO practically runs the airport. We have equipment for all types of airplanes up to the 747.

We primarily are underwing and we fuel and dump the lavatory on the planes when they arrive.


Wow! That’s so cool! Congratulations on seeing and even boarding the Queen before she is retired.

I actually recently had my first time on a 747 in May this year.

It was a UPS 747-8 (N614UP) in Anchorage. Below are a couple of my many pictures of it.

I couldn’t believe how absolutely monstrous it was in person! I even got to sit inside of Engine 2 and get a picture. Anyway, enough blabbering. Here they are.


Even me plane spotting at lax and 747 cargo planes taking off that are not even close seem big I could just imagine your experience

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What’s the windows for?

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It’s not a cargo AC like you would think, Atlas does passenger charters as well for customers like the armed forces and football teams.


Oh, never knew that. Cool!

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I remember the first time I went into a 747, one of the best experiences ever! Hope you enjoyed your experience!


Great pictures

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I hope to become a pilot and with becoming a pilot comes the privilege of jump seating with other airlines and jump seating on one of theses 747Fs is on my list as I have a better chance of getting on a Freighter than a Passenger version.

By the way great photos and I bet it was with the wait.

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Thank you! And the Same to you! The older 747-400’s are being slowly retired. Atlas is currently the only Airline to have the 747-400 still in service, with six (6) currently in service.

I have seen two Atlas 747’s (this one is the second), and two different British Airways 747’s, one in BOS, and one in MIA.

Certainly a sight to see the Queen of the skies :)

Speaking of which, did you go to the upper deck of the 747-8F?


Now THAT is awesome! Being a marshaller sure does have its benefits 🙃

I actually did not marshal this 747 in, A coworker did. If I was marshaling this 747 in, I would’ve been standing in the air stairs which were behind me, which was I think more than 20 feet in the air (a big no thanks haha).

If I was up there, there would’ve been a massive difference in pictures :)

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Sorry, I guess I meant ramp agent. Regardless, it definitely looks like a great experience.

Actually, there is no ramp agent on duty for this. We are what they call “Charter Ops”.

Charter ops are people who do what normal ramp people do, except are not ramp agents, as we all chip in and do everything; from Lavatory, Trash, Catering, Cleaning, and other miscellaneous services.

We primarily fuel the airplane. My team which I was in is Underwing, which means we do Fueling, Lavatory, Baggage and Water services. The other sector is Above the Wing, in which they do Catering, Trash, cleanup, and other stuff.

We have the ability to help each other. If someone in Above Wing needs help from us down below, we can go and help, and vice versa.

The TRUE ramp agent would be Allegiant. Allegiant Air is the only airline to have a Ramp Agent team.

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Sadly, they didn’t allow visitors to the upper deck. But, on the same day, I did enter the cockpit of an ATR 72 and MD-11.

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Well that sucks. I saw some videos and it’s kinda similar to business class, except for crew members, and it has two bunk beds near the aft of the hump.

That’s why there are windows on the upper deck.

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