Working on a Piper Cherokee 6

Recently my A&P/Mechanic I rent airplanes from bought a Piper Cherokee 6. He asked me to help him work on the airplane and make it even better than what it was. Below are some pictures of the interior and the flight Insturments as well with some outside pictures! Enjoy!


That is really cool, thanks for sharing!

You have 12 pictures, the 10 picture rule applies across the entire community, not just #screenshots-and-videos :)

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This is a good topic, with interesting photos. I don’t think two extra photos will kill us. :)

Let’s let the mods moderate😊


Well if everyone got two extra that would be about 40K extra photos all around

Thank you! I appreciate it


I get it if the photos are all similar or boring, but when a decent post comes along we can enjoy it all.

Can we just let the mods do their job and we enjoy the community as a member? :)

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