Working Landing Gear Status Lights

Thank you Developers for continuing to bring a higher degree if Sim realism and immersion to IF.

The working gauges are great !

I have 1 additional feature request to add to this new flight deck .


At the moment they are just the 3 green artwork lights.
Since green lighting is already used in the functioning cockpit graphics and other animations are used such as working gear lever …thrust levers etc. etc.
could these 3 lights be illuminated to work ?

Have them light up green when the gear is extend in flight or on the ground. Have them off (No green coloring) When fully retracted. The red transit lighting is not needed to keep the coding simpler and not introduce another color. (green is already employed).
The transit phase of gear retraction and extension
is cued by the prominent audible cue so that lighting isn’t needed. .we can hear loud and clear.

What a cool feature to see “three greens” when gear is down and not all the time and up

I would add a great immersion aspect and help learning pilots to focus on the landing gear status.

This could be used in other future aircraft too.

I hope this is not a complex coding or graphic’ issue.

With all the other great flight deck animations including “working wipers” I hope this important one can be thought through

Doug CAVU56 Reiter

You may only request one feature for one aircraft, not the entire type.

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Edit your post with the Pencil icon :)

This potentially could be added in a future update. The working cockpit instrument feature for the A320 family is very new, and more could be expected.

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the Feature I suggested is related to the new cockpit / working instrument update. This applies to the A318/private , A319, A320 and A321.These all use a the same flight deck. So my suggestion would a apply to these particular aircraft. If my post title was to vague by Using the description of “Airbus” then
by this post now please consider that amended.

I am not of course referring to all the IF Airbus variants as only the above mentioned ones are impacted by the new update.

However the landing gear status lights could ultimately be considered for other aircraft. That however is not the focal point of my post.

Thanks …done !

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