Working knobs and switches in the cockpit

So What this basically is working Lights and knobs and switches in the cockpit like what x plane has I know there’s already a working levers like the throttle levers gear and stuff etc but I would love for FDS to add working switches and knobs in the cockpit! also working EFB ;) pretty much what x plane have :)) and you may ask what about those people who don’t know anything about the switches? In the cockpits, well this feature should only be available in another server the fourth one which should be called Realistic server only and maybe those people who have 150,000 xp and above should only be able to access it and also have tutorials in the forum to help those who wanna know how to use the knobs and I really want this added because it can really add some realism into the game the game could use some realism into it and it may take years for this to make but it’s worth the wait and hopefully FDS will add it


I bet they are working on this already.

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Are they actually this is a flight simulator sooo

They are, as seen in the A-10 rework. :)

This will hopefully be Added in the future, as live instruments then probably live cockpits will be made

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Let’s not mistake the two. The A10 has working instruments, not a working cockpit with buttons/toggles. I think it’s fair to say the focus now is rolling out working instruments to other aircraft.

Maybe on the 737 :))


I’m pretty sure another server means more operating costs, and therefor higher subscription prices 😕😉

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This may sound strange, but I don’t think IF should go that direction.
Working instruments, yes. But a totally working cockpit would increase the complexity of this mobile flight sim to a degree where it may loose its appeal to many. And having to fiddle with many tiny switches and knobs on a little screen, doesn’t sound attractive to me at all.

On a mobile sim, do you really want to worry about a fuel-pump, cabine pressure and a de-icing switch? I say: pressed engine start and go!

If the developers would implement this, I hope to make this as an option, which can be enabled, or not.


Yeah I like it as an option better (kind of like beginner mode with the basic IF controls and advanced mode with the proposed controls in this thread)

Gives pilots a choice and more freedom when going on IF

This what I meant about another server and definitley solo many people can’t afford buying 2,000$ pcs or laptops to play x plane or fsx or p3d so therefore I think paying for another server increase the price to 99$? I think it’s worth it and I would pay for it a lot of people don’t have money but for IF to be having these kind of features I think FDS would be even more successful 👌👍 those people who can’t afford IF subs they can do it in solos idk I mean 1 month wouldnprobs increase to 15$ but that’s pretty affordable sooo yea hopefully they add it they do have x plane but it’s sucks compared to IF with HD scenery and global IF just needs this feature ;)

I think this is a duplicate. Please search before posting.

Can you please post the link to the duplicate then? Thanks.


I did search nothing came up it was all about this 777 rework with working knobs and switches


Here’s my thought- This is going to be hard, there are many switches with two directions, left and right (eg, setting window wipers at high- then returning to low, etc.) How are you going to tap and get it to go a certain direction you want. If you click left/right of the switch, due to the possible closeness of the switches and display size, you could end up pressing another button.

I agree, this is a cool idea, but maybe Aircraft Systems would work better in this case.

Best of luck! I forgot to say in your other topic that maybe not in all the aircraft at once.

Instruments are different from knobs and switches…

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What? No, they are the same?

I’m pretty sure instruments are like displays, and knobs and switches are like the overhead panel

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Couldn’t have put that better myself!

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