Working knobs and switches and buttons in the cockpit?(not a request)

I was just asking if it was possible for IF to add these? Or ever going to implement them in the future? I’m not really asking to request these I was just asking if these were possible and idk where to ask this so I just asked in general

I guess it could be but it wouldn’t be easy on mobile devices. Your finger clicking a button would do 5 things rather than the one thing you want. I think it would be far less intuitive then one may think.


It is possible. The Developers are making cockpits with a new LOD (Level of Detail) to support features like this so, Its a possibility. (Look at the A-10 for reference.)


I really want this feature as well. @Chatta290 I think that it might be a problem for people with big hands but for example I have small, skinny fingers so It wouldn’t be a problem for me. I’m also a pilot IRL and I would love to be able to start the engines and do everything like that just the same way I do IRL.

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What about the people with big hands? :/


Idk u can zoom in so it shouldn’t be a problem

I agree. I think bringing the dials to life more would be a better addition and probably easier to manufacture for the devs

Should I request this I don’t think it has been requested before

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It might work @KyleDepra, if you have the mobile X-Plane 10 they have done it. But it really is hard to tap the flaps button without moving the throttle. I think it would be cool though! Only thing that I worry about is the people who don’t know how cockpit instrements work.


Your everyday pilot, Phil

I don’t know, maybe if you want.

Well maybe there this should be done or could only be available in the “realistic Server” : D

Works pretty well on xplane


Go for it :)

I like the idea for sure, but 'Realistic server? I would only let grades 3 or 4 enter.

I got to go now have a good night / day!

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