Working in an A320

Hello Everyone,
Today I decided to share a few pictures of what it looks like inside an Airbus A320 cargo bin. This is Bin 1 and Bin 2. The very back is Bin 2 and it is separated my a cargo net and where I am sitting is known as Bin 1. The bin is quite big and can fit about 100 bags. Fill free to post comments abs questions below!


Very nice! It’s always interesting to see inside views like this.

I know you’re probably not allowed to share this, but judging by the engine and winglet, you probably work for Allegiant or Spirit, right? I understand if you can’t verify that.


Haha. I work for a company like that. It handles Ground services for a bunch of different airlines

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Oh, okay. So, this was probably an Allegiant A320, right?

😉 It was an Allegiant a320


That’s very cool, I’ve never seen the cargo area of a A320 before, looks very nice!

Thanks for sharing this! ☺️

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Your very welcome. Figured not many people subs soo decried to share

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Cool! nice that you can work with aircraft everyday!

I’m extremely lucky. I’m glad I get to I do it

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Nice that second shot 🥰

From your favorite Delta ALA 😂 (All in good fun)


Rough estimate. Not exact

Thanks appreciate it

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Do you load several kinds of aircraft and if so; which one is the nicest one to load?

I right now just am trained primary on the A319/320 series aircraft. I just got done training to Load the 737-7/800 series aircraft. So I’ll definitely make a comparison

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Alright, cool! Since they are comparable in size, are there big differences in loading them?

How we loess them is based of the airlines policy. I’ll start working w 737s March 1st

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Ah never knew that! Thankss

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Your welcome. I’ll do a size comparison and pictures in a detailed post.

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@Toon_Veen They are very similar in size, and as far as loading them no real big difference. The only difference is the height off the ground (A320 Family sits much higher off the ground than the 737 does) Unloading the 739 however is a bit different, because it is tail heavy. For that reason we use a tail stand to prevent it from tipping.