Working Hangar Doors

I think Infinite Flight needs working hangar doors as far as I’ve seen, just about no one uses the maintenance hangars at airports and, if implemented, they would be used way more often and add a bit more of realism to the game.

Now to get into the details of of how this would work. So in solo mode, the opening and closure of the hangar doors would be as simple as going into the actions menu in the systems tab and selecting open and then close.
To select the specific hangar you want to open, there would be a sub menu that has all hangars at the airport. In live mode, I think it would be best if ground ATC was contacted, since there would probably end up being trolls that would repeatedly open and close the hangar doors. The request might look a bit like this, ‘London Heathrow Ground, Speedbird 958 request maintenance hangar 5 to be opened (or closed)’. Then if the player wants to go to a maintenance hangar from a terminal, remote stand or runway, they could contact ground ATC and say ‘London Heathrow Ground, Speedbird 958 request taxi to hangar’ although taxi to parking will probably work for this command.

If you have any questions, corrections on some details or messages of support for this feature request, then feel free to reply to this topic.

Also I’m not sure why no one has done this topic yet, I’ve had a look and couldn’t find this request anywhere, so I’m just a bit surprised that this feature hasn’t been requested yet.

Thanks for your support for this and I hope that one day it gets implemented.

Hello, I just wanted to say something in regards to your topic

I don’t believe that you would have access to all the hangers at the airport as this allows players to close doors when others players are attempting to open them. The jetbridges automatically connect from the gate your at and the same could be done for the hanger doors

This would not be a problem (at least I don’t think) for the same reason trolls spamming jet-bridges and GSE is not a problem, nobody else would be able to see them due to the problems faced with synchronisation. This would also eliminate the need for the ATC to open hangers as you’ve said that they are only needed to prevent trolls.

Aside from that I think this is a good idea that I could see coming in the future.

P.S Don’t forget to vote for your own feature :)


Most likely because it has already been said by the IF team that building animations are WIP and in the pipeline to be released one day in the future. It makes a feature request unnecessary.

To make life a tad bit easier: ;)

From that point you made, I think this request isn’t necessary, so I’ll take it down.

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