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I was just wondering why the newer planes such as the 777 family don’t have working flaperons. I have seen a lot of posts about it but I never actually found the reason as to why it’s not supported. Also the fact that we have working flaperons on the 787 family and the 747 family (which were both released way before the 777) kinda confuses me. The same thing goes for the spoilerons as well. We do have working spoilerons on both the Cessna 208 and the TBM 930, but they are not implemented on any of the larger commercial aircraft.
I’d like to know if the developers decided not to add these details because of technical difficulties or just in order to safe time during development.

I would appreciate if one of the developers could explain the reasons for that. 🙂

I wish you all a nice week and stay safe!

Also I wanted to point out that this is not a complaint. I am just curious :)


While it isn’t something that a developer has answered specifically, a moderator has specified that it’ll be worked on in the future.

Nonetheless, if you’re interested in voicing your support to see this implemented sooner, head on over to this topic and cast a vote for it.


Thanks for the answer but as I said in my original post, we do have working versions of flaperons on other aircraft and to my understanding they seem to work just fine. That’s why I don’t really understand this argument.


While it isn’t my place to comment on this, the developers spent a lot of 21.1 working on removing as much legacy code as possible. In doing so, they may have discovered limitations in the system and are still working on finding a way to make it a feasible feature. Nonetheless, I’ll be hoping to see it come in the future.

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As I said I’m not complaining and I really do think that the developers did an awesome job with their last updates. I’m just looking for the answer 🙂

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With every new update, they are increasingly cutting more corners so i wouldn’t be too surprised


Let’s hope that the upcoming A330 will be as good or even better than the 757. I’d say the 757 was done really nicely, no real problems that I see specifically with the aircraft.


The A330 doesn’t actually have flaperons anyway so wouldn’t make a difference in reference of this topic. 🙃

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It does have spoilerons though. The A10 was the first aircraft to introduce animated instruments, the A350 was the first aircraft with tilted landing gear and maybe the A330 will be the first commercial aircraft to feature working spoilerons 🤷🏼‍♂️

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This is something that really annoys me and I’m glad someone brought it up


It kinda does because when the flaps go down the aileron also goes down to match the flaps


Similar but just fyi they call it “aileron droop”, the flaperon is different because it’s inboard. Let’s hope the staff members relay our comments to the people working on the aircraft, because they definitely saw the comments in the A330 development thread.

Thank you for the information! I didn’t know that and yeah I’m still hoping for a staff member to reply to my original post to clarify some things. But they are problematic busy with a lot of other things so let’s just wait and see 🙂

I’ve noticed those things too, but I’m not highly expecting them to fix it

• The A350 cockpit windows are still too big and never were fixed

And with the new 777s I have no clue of why that happened.


The 767 has working flaperons I hope it’s the next reworked plane

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