Working flaperons and roll spoilers

The wings and its components are maybe the most important parts of an aircraft, so why not improve them a little!

Flaperons are control surfaces located usually between the inboard and outboard flaps which combine both flaps and ailerons.
Roll spoilers is the movement of the spoilers which helps the bank of the aircraft.

Currently flaperons are correctly working only on the Boeing 747-400, and the only aircraft with roll spoilers is the Cessna 208.
My suggestion: add working flaperons on the Boeing 747-8, Boeing 767-300 and the 777s, and add roll spoilers for all aircrafts.


Wait a minute, are these real things?

Correct. No one here would propose something unrealistic, especially @Laurens

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I thought the flaperons on the 767 were working,
Correct me if I’m wrong

Roll spoilers would be great; it might require a rework of the flight model a bit, so we probably won’t see it for a bit - but great idea for sure

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@SkyHawk this is a picture of what they are image as @Laurens was saying

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Great idea!

I love this idea (especially the roll spoilers) <3

This is one of my most desired features…