Working doors

Have working doors that open and close


Say please?

Good idea. I would hold my breath on that though because we need airstairs and/or gates in most cases and those won’t come soon likely.

I can imagine a Cessna 208, 172, or Cirrus SR22 being excellent candidates


(Enters advanced server, door opens, people fly into the plane. [End of flight] Door opens, people drop from the plane)


Only if we can pull the chute.

I was thinking of putting it on those ones too
I was also thinking of maybe the Cessna Citation X

That would be cool on the CCX.

What about a cabin view? ;)

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True, but I guess that could be something to add in future updates (hopefully).

The closest we have to this so far is the telescope door on the Boeing 747 Sofia.

Doors like FSX?

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Pretty much