Working cockpit instruments

It would be cool to have working instuments in the cokpit such as using your fingers to move the throttles up


Good idea, one finger to move instruments, 2 fingers to move around the cockpit


Can you look at the throttle and runway simultaneously! That’s problem with small screen. Even having real looking throttle on HUD is problem. You can’t have low opacity throttle. That will look cheap simulator like in the app market.

Imagine trying this on an iphone screen though


This is a good idea but the screen is to small. Maybe some features such as the seatbelts signs, lights, and the PFD could be useful.

We don’t need the throttle but everything else working would be great.

That would be an AWESOME idea

Good idea!

Bumb, need this idea :D

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Looking forward to to this myself. Use them on other mobile flight Sims and would most definitely use them here if available.

yea if other flight sims have it (aerofly, f18 carrier landing sim) why not IF 😂😂😂

I know right?

Sorry, I won’t do it again :D

I think fsx used to have (i think…) a window you could pop up of the controls - would be a nice addition if working controls isn’t possible themselves (like the view changer, but controls a window, to display whichever dials/controls you need (throttle quadrant/alt and speed dials for a visual display or what the controls would show)… I’d just like ‘any’ upgrade to the control input options available I guess :p


Very good idea

Yeah lol, that’s what I call a challenge

This could happen like aerofly but the cockpit would have to be zoomed in alot more and reading it will be difficult. I could see this happening on the tablets

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I don’t want to read anything i just want to see things moving…altitude indicator for example

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I do not know if Laura or anyone mentioned it for the Global update. hopefully we will see it soon.