Working Cockpit Instruments

Hello everyone! I’ve thought that if we had a fully working cockpit that displays live info like engine N1’s, barometers,fuel status(working displays) the simulator would be at an another level. Instead of our current HUD that shows only altitude heading speed and the localizer (you can disable or enable it in the settings tab). Also this update can come after the Global, no need to rush about this little thing that could change the entire user experience. Also I’m sorry if this is a duplicate, if it is, I wanted to take it to a next level. I would love to see your comments about this feature. Thank you for reading. Happy landings!

I don’t know if this is a duplicate but I’ve certainly seen ones like it…


It would be advisable if you link the original topic in the future if you are sure it’s a duplicate 😊

There was another topic about this before. But this one is more newer + more organized than the old one. It would be advisable if you contact a mod to close the old one 😊


I’m afraid it is actually a duplicate.
There you go :)


Has anyone told you that this is a duplicate? 😂👆


Old one have been closed. This one is more thorough.


@mbmhwue148 @Spencer_Chapman I’ve seen another feature request like this but it was too old. That’s probably why @schyllberg preferred this one rather than the old topic which was kinda outdated :)


I see no reason that Infinite flight cannot have working instruments. You might say that it cannot fit on a small phone screen but if X-Plane 10 for mobile can manage(and they did it very well) then infinite flight can manage.


I know. I was making a sad joke about how many times it had been mentioned. 😃


I wasn’t replying you by the way. @Spencer_Chapman

Would be great, particulary for VFR flying, but I sense issues with interacting with instruments. For example,how do I twiddle the A/P or radio knobs? Or adjust the HSI to find my heading to a VOR?


It still takes me about 6 tries to switch to NAV 2, though :)


Working displays would be great, like FSX, when you click on those instruments, it should zoom in for you. That’s just a bonus. What I meant was working displays which would be useful if you play this so called ‘game’ which is a simulator by the way. It would bump up the realism so much.


This is all I ever want in Infinite Flight - gotta vote for it


Wonder how hard it would be to implement this. Definitely needed if IF is to advance!

Absolutely YES for this, without question :)

I imagine it would be kinda hard - because say if you activated spoilerons - FDS would need to add the visual of spoilerons (outside view) they would need to add a lot for every plane…

Yeah I would love that and it would be more realistic

MaxSez: Working Instruments, do you mean “Steam Gage’s”? Put them in the GA’s that still use older designs most later models have or are switching to “Glass”, I’m ok with that. By the way don,t make any difference what the “Others Guy” has they need an upgrade to. Now if you talking about Flight Displays I’m in for that. This is the 21st Centry folk, Steam Gage’s are for starter civey GA and Sports Pilots. Look Forward Flesdlings or you’ll stay behind the power curve and join the old crows at the bar telling remember when stories before your time like me… Just Sayin!


Everything working - all the switches and steam gauges

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