Working at the Ramp in Dublin Airport (EIDW)

Alright Ladies & Gentlemen from the IFC and my Subscribers from Merky Aviation. I just want to let you lot now what I’ve been doing behind the screen as I have been in a couple of breaks off my channel for a while

During the Summer, I was working at the airport as a Ground Handling Agent, which is working at both the ramp and baggage hall. At first, I was working inside the Baggage Hall loading the bags into the loose dollies and bin dollies/cargo containers, which was alright but as time passed to almost 2 months it got boring. So, when I asked to switch to ramp, things started to change a lot for me. Working at the ramp, I got to service (as in load & offload bags & cargo, etc) different aircrafts from different airlines at the airport which I have been doing for over 3 months and all I can say about this job is that it’s fun especially if you’re an Avgeek like me and want to work close up with aircraft every day.

Anyways to hear more about my job, click the link in the description to watch more about it as well as my other reasons to why I was inactive from making content.


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