Working as an airline pilot

Hey guys,
I just got the idea of creating several airlines which you could work for…(a bit like the virtual airlines which wet got already)
If you fly for an airline every time you fly a flight you earn “money” (not real money) which would get to the bank of the airline you’re “working” for.
With that money the airline could buy new things (maybe buy the allowance to land on new airports, buy new planes to their fleet or even if the fuel-buying was made more realistic you could buy fuel then or something completely new)

The airlines would be based on real airlines like Emirates, Lufthansa, American, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and so on…OR if you’re willing to create a new fictional airline you could create that as well…

Do you like the idea? Tell me if you’ve any problems with understanding or are confused :-)

Have a nice day


I just feel that this would be so restricting.

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For me I see the idea you are proposing as turning this simulator into a game.


This would make he simulator more like a game. The idea of Infinite Flight is to fly. However, I can see how this would be fun for some.


The answer to the people wanting to have this: become an actual airline pilot!


Yes you’re kind of right, but still you could fly for the airline you wanted to and not only lead it or plan everything about it… @Freddiefrogs

Think of the most successful PC flight simulators. X Plane / FSX are probably what come to mind. The success of these programmes is due to the freeness you have. You can fly wherever and whenever you want. I feel like this idea will just be so restricting, bluffing IF popularity significantly.

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This would be good! but there would have to be a separate area for this on the simulator as I like to fly what ever, when ever and where ever I like!

It could be under like career mode

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Good idea. But like I said in the “Career Add-on” topic I don’t think this would be something you could incorporate into IF. Most people just want to fly whatever and whenever.

This would be great as a separate app or website where you could keep track of all the info. That way you can either fly whatever you want or you could fly using your “career” or “airline” of choice.

Yes that could be a good opportunity… @JDE1303 @Hunter_Reynolds

This sounds like the career mode feature that someone requested

This would make more sense with larger regions

Instead of earning money we earn XP this helps us with our grades.

It’s basically added but in the form of XP…

Thought we weren’t supposed to sign posts

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Like Carson said it would turn it into more of a game not a flight sim