Working as a Ramp Agent

Hi everyone,

I have been recently looking for a job that involves aviation in some way and I wanted to ask if anyone here has any sort of experience in being a Ramp Agent, especially in Canada. I want to know what is generally required to get the job and what are the job responsibilities.


Have a driver license and able work any schedule.
When I was a rat I worked crazy hours with really crappy pay.

Typically you load, off load aircraft, clean, marshall in and out aircraft.

I had some real cool opportunists as a rat though!


You might be able to find more specific information of information and requirements through google as jobs may vary.

I researched a bit but I thought getting some info from someone with experience as a ramp agent would help but thanks anyway.

I’m sure @KSJCRampAgent is working as a ramp agent in San Jose Airport. Unfortunately, I can’t find any ramp agents in here from Canada. Maybe he can help you more regarding this 😊


I applied several times but with no luck. I just finished medical school and I am taking a year off and I wanted to work as a ramp agent while also working towards a PPL.

Do you know if there are things that would make them not consider your application for example having no experience or that you may not stay for more than a year?



I wouldn’t think so, it’s simple work.
I became a rat after I got home from the Army and had no experience. That’s me though.

I say it takes time to process because it is a airport after all they normally do a lot of background checks

Another ramper on here is @Southwest_CLE_Ramper

I have to say being a ramp agent has always been a dream of mine. I used to be fascinated by “the dude with the glow sticks” when I was a kid. Too bad everyone says I have “too much potential” to have a job like that.

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I used to work as a ramp agent at KSJC, hence my username. At least with the company I worked for, they didn’t have any previous experience requirements and were looking to take anyone. With regards to job responsibilities, @anon93248082 hit the nail on the head. My favorite parts of the job we’re pushing back 737’s, A320’s and E-175’s with large tractors, marshelling these same aircraft in, and getting to talk to pilots and flight attendants during the occasional downtime’s. Speaking of downtime, my team and I were assigned to a specific gate and somewhat often, in between aircraft touchdown times and delayed aircraft, a lot of our paid work time was spent on a couch waiting for aircraft to come in. If you love aviation this is a great beginning field to get into. Just know that it requires quite a lot of heavy lifting and is labor intensive.


Thanks for your replies everyone.

@KSJCRampAgent do you know if it is possible to go to the airport and talk to a supervisor or a manager about it or do I have to wait for the selection process on the company’s website?

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Your best bet is to just give them a call and ask them your questions that way.


Ouuhhh Canada in the winter… as a ramp agent… ;)

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