Workaround for update not available in Google Play Store for compatible devices

Update: We just released an update that should solve the issue even if your device is set to HD resolution (recommended for best performances).

There have been reports that our latest update doesn’t appear in Google Play store for some people even when their device is supposed to be supported. The issue seems to be that we mistakenly dropped support for device with HD resolution (1280x720). It is possible that your device is set to HD while it actually support higher resolution. While we look at fixing HD support, here is a temporary workaround (tested on Samsung S7 Edge, settings exact location may vary):

  • Go to Settings > Display > Screen resolution
  • Increase your resolution to FHD (1920x1080)
  • Go to Setting > Apps > Google Play Store > Storage
  • Press “Clear Data
  • Launch Google Play Store app
  • Search for “Infinite Flight”
    → App should now be available for download/update

With higher device resolution comes the risk of degraded performance. We recommend to set the “Rendering Resolution” in Infinite Flight “Graphics” settings to “Low” or “Medium”.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and will continue working on improving the stability and performance of Infinite Flight.


Bookmarked, tried it on my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, and now it works! Thank you so much philippe! (Saw @Chris_S post on his recent #support topic so just saying thank you to @Chris_S in case he found out about this).


Thanks for this information @philippe. Hopefully this will clear up some questions on support.


Awesome! Would be perfect if my device wasn’t maxed at 800×480 😂


It is working now! Great, thanks a lot.


We just released an update that should solve the issue even if your device is set to HD resolution (recommended for best performances).

Let us know if you still see similar issues.


Still can’t download it but that’s because I’m less than HD - will IF ever support devices below HD?

What is your device? Always include full device make/model when reporting issues


Sorry - SM-G361F Samsung Galaxy Core prime running Android 5.1.1 and openGL3.0. It has an 800×480 screen

It should be available for your device; try clearing Google Play Store data:

  • Go to Setting > Apps > Google Play Store > Storage
  • Press “Clear Data”
  • Launch Google Play Store app
  • Search for “Infinite Flight”

That being said your device is quite under-powered and the UI wasn’t designed for such a small screen so you really won’t have a great experience.


I’ve tried that and it won’t work :(. It’s not too big a deal though, as I am getting a new phone within 1½months

i still cant find the update on the playstore and I use a four s300i android phone

@ebukarthur @Planespotter1 if so, it is almost certain your device is not compatible with the global update.

Hi, so i have a tablet where i play infinite flight on. I bought the Infinite Flight Live+ for 12 months, for $50. However, im very confused and dissapointed since no matter what I do, i cant find a way to get the update (global) on this game. I tried to fix my screen resolution and i cleared the data in the google play app, but as I go back to the google play store, it doesnt give me an signs that Infinite flight is ready for an update. Please help, i really want to play global, and i dont wanna regret paying for infinite flighy live. Thanks a lot.

This means your device is not compatible - due to the scale of this update, minimum device requirements were raised. Now:

iOS 10 or later
64 bit

Android 5 or later
openGL3.0 or later

From the price of that device I would say it is certainly not compatible.

Hi, ok so my question is, I have an Acer tablet Android version 5.0.1 with Open Gl 3.0. However, in the playstore, the update for Infinite flight would not show up. I’m really confused and I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Please help, thanks.

Sorry but this doesn’t work for me now…

Doesn’t work for me either because my phone is below HD. Is yours?

Yes, it’s a tablet though… Still, it doesn’t work. You have any way to play IF? Though?