Work Experience with British Airways

So, quite a while ago, I was offered to do a Work Experience Course with BA, after my adventures in Canada.

BA Reached out to me after one of the press releases, and where quite interested by my Story, and offered me 4 days of work experience at there HQ (Waterside), between January and March, dates yet to be decided.

I don’t really have any details on the course, all I know is I will have the opportunity to go Gliding, talk to pilots, and I presume other activities such as going in one of there Simulator and get a feel for the Company and Industry. But, I have no idea what this course will give me, at the moment, I hope to get more details as we get closer to the course.

This coming Tuesday (22/10), I will be doing an Interview with BA, at there HQ, any tips?

Cheers, Maksim


All I can say is I’m at waterside helping conduct the interviews as a BA Inspire Student Ambassador! I did work experience back in March with the company and it led to being invited back for a role. Good luck in the interview and group tasks!

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You have a bright future ahead Mr. Ferguson! Wish you all the best 👍🏻


What a coincidence! Thank you sir, and all the best :)

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Thanks @Andre_S for the support :)

Really appreciated!

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Hello, I am doing work experience tomorrow! I am doing it with Collins Aerospace. My friend is doing it with Virgin


Any questions etc. or if you want to know more about what the weeks placement consists of, please fire me a pm!

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Very nice! Not heard of Collins Aerospace before, but had a brief look, they appear to be a very Innovating Company! Hope you enjoy it!

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Your really lucky

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I agree, feel incredibly honoured to be invited to do the course :)

And your only 14?

Correct sir :)

Thanks @MaksimFerguson! Only thing is I need to wake up at 5am every day. I normally wake up at 6am


In that case, don’t do it, sleep is priority!!!

Only joking lol!

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That sounds great Maksim! Enjoy the time you’ll have there, and congratulations for this opportunity.


Thanks Marc, appreciated.

I think you might of clicked onto what my Instagram Story is about now lol.

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😂😂 Yep.

I have to admit though; I rarely take Instagram story questions seriously, hence my sarcastic answer. Trying to come up with a sarcastic answer is a good training for the mind 🧠

It’s quite an opportunity you got there for your age! You earned it though. I can’t wait to start taking flight lessons too; however it’ll take a couple more years until I’ll be able to afford that.

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Thank you, I don’t think I would of been offered this opportunity if I hadn’t of gone to Canada.

Your not the only one, I think we all do 😂.

Money, is the problem with Aviation, especially when there is a Pilot Shortage, and so many talents in aviation hidden. It’ll be the best thing you will do, guaranteed. I’m sure you‘ll get there soon, best of luck :)

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Just received this text!

Pretty cool 😜


Interview done, think I did quite well, time will tell :)