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Interesting to see what this special feature is, I know the A-10 doesnt have a truck to tilt or some of the other features. Maybe its a little thing that goes wooosh and then boom. 🤔 He he, excited to see what the A-10 will bring.

“ This means that either there aren’t as many fans of the A330 rework as our social media channels would have us believe, or users simply won’t use the A330 until it does get a rework. Either way, our features forum category plays a large part in helping us determine what will keep our current user base interested and engaged.”

really? the 330 has been the most voted feature request since the beginning, and there has been absolutely no word on it. obviously nobody is flying the 330 because the physics arent up to standards, as well with the livery designs.

clearly the features play a “large part” as you guys added the tbm and now a10, which barely had a fraction of votes combined than the 330 has. not to mention the 330 grows in votes everyday.


Jason was simply expressing that it can go either one of two ways. Yes one point may seem more likely but that’s not the point of the blog. It’s to explore all rational behind development. For example the MD11, DC10 were voted to be the next aircraft in development, that was not reflective of being very popular though because we still see that not too many people are flying it. That being said would I have voted for the TBM? No, never! I never even knew what the aircraft was until it got announced but I’m now gladly surprised at what the developers bought to us, it’s a fantastic aircraft which is now my favourite to fly in recent times. We know the A330 rework is demanded by a large portion of customers, that was never being disputed at all. Let’s just be excited for what’s next, that big game changer sure does sound exciting! 😁

If that big game changer is the A330, I’ll cry. (3% Chance it will) That A330 will be the only aircraft I fly

The forum post is simply to show you the blog post exists and have a discussion if you like. Check out this article which explains exactly why the blog exists.


Thanks for that awesome Blog Post! It’s a statement I’ve been waiting for a couple of months, and I love how you explained everything. I think this one should be read by everyone in our community. :)

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This was a general example; not an explanation as to why the A330 hasn’t received an update.

Everyone please keep in mind there will always be new aircraft and features coming that we will not share with you immediately (due to length of the project, etc) that will have a direct impact on things like an A330 rework. It’s the nature of development. I’m sharing more with you than we ever have, but I can’t and won’t share everything. No good will come from that because we will surely underdeliver.



Gotta love the 330 lol


Actually the people dont use A330 or A340 because they are useless, they need a rework. Also the A350 is missing, you should add it. And why are you focusing on TBM and A10 or similar when they are not used much? You should focus on Airbus aircrafts more!


i never asked for an explanation (along with 90% of the active community who voted for the 330) - were all wondering why absolutely nothing has been said about it.

our features forum category plays a large part in helping us determine what will keep our current user base interested and engaged

im bringing this up again- if features play such a large part, especially for aircraft development, why go against the 330 which has always had the most votes and develop the tbm and now a10…,?

clearly it seems the majority of the people would be interested in flying the 330, as it seems quite a number of people enjoy flying long hauls, as well as shorter routes that the 330 is used on.

im not asking for it to be done tomorrow, i understand that you guys are a small team and work really hard, but completely disregarding the top feature request is silly in my book


although i must say the new features for the 737 series will be great - good call. 👍🏻


Where have you seen they’re not working on it at all? For all we know, they could be, they’re just not announcing it because as Jason said, they won’t share certain things due to timing and such.
I’m not speculating, just simply saying that while we do know some things being worked on, we don’t know everything.
Be thankful for what we have in the game now, and for what’s to come. Great work by a great company!


Well to start off The FDS knows their priorities ;) they are very aware of what we want so no need to complain ;) the reworks that you want will come ;) I’m still waiting for a new Alitalia livery I know they will eventually add it ;) just gotta be patient cheers! -AZADAL


there has been 0 announcements on it and considering theyve been working on the crj series, tbm, and now a10 and 737, one can assume they arent working the 330.


@jasonrosewell - really appreciate how the blog is giving us a better picture of what is going on behind the scenes. For (most) people, I’m sure it is a welcome addition and improvement on past teasers. This definitely helped in understanding where Infinite Flight stands in terms of development, and all I can say is everything sounds like good news! Look forward to more posts from you, and the 18.6 update sometime in the future!


Yes, one can assume but it’s not like the ignore us they work VERY hard in giving us quality aircraft in the sim so with that just because they say nothing about it doesn’t mean there not working on it, you have the right not to tell us anything. Until the time comes. Also if in fact they aren’t working on it at the moment, that’s because they have other priorities to deal with just because it’s not gonna be in the next update doesn’t mean there not gonna work on it, they will get to it eventually.

I don’t know if any of you noticed but if you read carefully on what is said regarding 18.6 you might have noticed this: “last release of 2018”. I do not want to cause controversy or anything by those lines but does that mean v18.6 is coming in less than three months? I did enjoy the article and I do feel that it will clear up many doubts the community has!


It’s coming (hopefully) within the next six weeks or so! We have the rest of November, and the entire month of December.


Have you guys thought of having a rework team
Like how there is Infinite flight airport editing team you can have a rework team that can help you guys rework the planes.It just came to my mind.