Work And Rework

Fellow pilots!

For those who’d like more context for what goes into development decisions at Infinite Flight, look no further than our latest blog article.

A challenge for any software developer is balancing what it wants, what its customer wants, what potential new customers need in order to buy, and what it can actually deliver. As a mobile platform developer, Infinite Flight works within the same set of challenges. This process doesn’t have to be a secret, so we’d like to share it.

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Very cool piece thanks Jason!


Woah, wasn’t expecting this little spoiler. I can’t wait to find out this new feature!
Great post, I have to agree that I find it super annoying when people complain about “not getting what they wanted” or something like that, must really start to getting annoying to you devs after a while.
Thanks for the clarification!


Awesome read! I’m intrigued by the “game changer” I keep seeing being mentioned. Exciting times for Infinite Flight!


Great blog post to read. Very informative and detailed. Thank you, Jason!

Interesting how you get the data from, because I feel like that leaves out people flying GA VFR or just flying Fighters around, as I don’t imagine many people file flight plans for their F-22s. Just something to consider. Great post overall, very interesting.

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That’s a very fair comment, Lucas. I’ll see if I can grab some stats from Laura to compare.

UPDATE Actually… this is across every server. I made a spreadsheet and used Chris’s website by aircraft stats. So this accounts for everyone :)


I read the blog post twice for a few reasons but most of all it was nice to be able to read and analyze from the interviewer and interveiwee’s perspectives. Since the release of Global to present day I’d say that although there’s been many challenges for the small team along the way, boundaries and limits are being pushed further and further while maintaining a clear vision and commitment to subscribers. Simple yet eloquent blog @jasonrosewell

Thank you all!




Working for me, that’s on your end.


You may need to clear your browser’s cache. You’re seeing a version of the site that is weeks old.


Please don’t tag staff or developers XD

Anyways, what you call a “soft rework,” Jason, I call it a “mini rework” XD


A page reload worked for me.

And a page reload did not work for me.

Damn, nice friday… 😂

Interesting to see what this special feature is, I know the A-10 doesnt have a truck to tilt or some of the other features. Maybe its a little thing that goes wooosh and then boom. 🤔 He he, excited to see what the A-10 will bring.

“ This means that either there aren’t as many fans of the A330 rework as our social media channels would have us believe, or users simply won’t use the A330 until it does get a rework. Either way, our features forum category plays a large part in helping us determine what will keep our current user base interested and engaged.”

really? the 330 has been the most voted feature request since the beginning, and there has been absolutely no word on it. obviously nobody is flying the 330 because the physics arent up to standards, as well with the livery designs.

clearly the features play a “large part” as you guys added the tbm and now a10, which barely had a fraction of votes combined than the 330 has. not to mention the 330 grows in votes everyday.


Jason was simply expressing that it can go either one of two ways. Yes one point may seem more likely but that’s not the point of the blog. It’s to explore all rational behind development. For example the MD11, DC10 were voted to be the next aircraft in development, that was not reflective of being very popular though because we still see that not too many people are flying it. That being said would I have voted for the TBM? No, never! I never even knew what the aircraft was until it got announced but I’m now gladly surprised at what the developers bought to us, it’s a fantastic aircraft which is now my favourite to fly in recent times. We know the A330 rework is demanded by a large portion of customers, that was never being disputed at all. Let’s just be excited for what’s next, that big game changer sure does sound exciting! 😁

If that big game changer is the A330, I’ll cry. (3% Chance it will) That A330 will be the only aircraft I fly

The forum post is simply to show you the blog post exists and have a discussion if you like. Check out this article which explains exactly why the blog exists.