Words in airline callsign

So, i was in the Carribean tackling Irma and i set my callsign to MEDEVAC into the GA callsign spot and when i went to change to an airline callsign after i could make my callsign United MEDEVAC, Delta MEDEVAC etc. but when i try to put words in the airline callsign it comes up with Numbers only.

Well you only can put numbers following an airline callsign…


Yeah but it let me have MEDEVAC

It’s likely that he/she already changed his/her callsign before recent changes. As you can put words next to airline names before latest changes AFAIK

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You can only put numbers in a airline callsign as that’s how it’s done. On another note please change your callsign to something more realistic. Do you have any idea how annoying that callsign is to everyone on frequency.


This just happened tonight