Word to the wise... two people at the same gate

When I see two people at the same gate, I don’t let either of them push. Someone needs to man up, despawn and spawn someplace else.


Respect 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻


good man 👏👏👏


Hey I’ve created flight plans and had people spawn into me. I just despawn as I know they won’t.


That happens to mesometimes, I always immediately move to respawn, sometimes I only know when I request pushback because I am always in cockpit mode until then.


Now i know who to blame when a Grade 2 spawns on me and we can’t get pushback ⊂(◉‿◉)つ

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Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t know who spawned first, so you have to deny both. If I know who spawned first I’ll have him hold position, and tell the other guy to check help.

There’s just something wrong with one aircraft pushing out of another aircraft! 😂

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If I spawn into someone, I despawn and move to the next gate. If someone spawns inside of me, I wait two minutes to see if they move over. If they don’t, I move.

The plane gives birth lmao

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It happens to everyone, including me. I have many times spawned into another aircraft, and immediately after noticing the issue, I despawn. Then I either wait till the gate is clear, since I really want to follow IRL procedurs, and use the correct gates, ro look for an alternate gate that the airlines uses, if there is one. Or just simply spawn in somewhere else, sometimes, you you need to break against the laws of real life ;)

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