Woods ATC Tracking Thread TS[Global]V2[Closed]@OMDB

Welcome to Woods ATC tracking thread, I will control as often as I can to get experience for future controlling. Please leave me feedback below.


I’m open Ground & Tower KATL Training Server.

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I’ll come on down. 👌

I’ll come up for some pattern work…

Mr. Woods, I’ve asked for permission to taxi three times, you still haven’t responded.

Feed back please. I got busy pilots. I’m sorry. Still learning.

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No worries, I know that feeling. I mean other than the delays, I thought you did fine.

It seems all of IF Pilots was spawning. I got to get ATC multitasking down. Switching between ground and tower.

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I wouldn’t open/I would close if I couldn’t be competely focused on the airport.

  1. Should have told me clear for the option left traffic 27R instead of right. That’s just a general rule so conflicts don’t occur. I saw someone when I was on crosswind taking off from 26L and decided to climb to 3000 so I could achieve the minium 1000ft separation, just to be safe.

  2. When I call “remaining in the pattern” don’t give me a frequency change. You want me to stay on your frequency.

  3. When I asked for transition it should have been at or above 7000ft instead of 3000. Your airspace is surface to 3500ft. By giving me a transition at 3000ft you were effectively dening me entrance to the airspace. I would read this for reference:

  1. I would never ask “inbound for touch and go” that many times but I gave you about 5mins inbetween calls without any form of response. I actually had to do a right 360. I know you will probably lose a few IQ points doing this, but I would suggest controlling Tower at EGLL for a good 20mins muliple times until you get some experience with higher levels of traffic. That’s how I learned how to deal with it.

  2. Finally, don’t let me get to final without clearing me to land or clearing me for the option.

Thanks for feed back. @Trio your feedback has been noted.

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I’m open at KSSC for a few for practice with ground and tower. Come by all is welcome. Feed back is welcome.

Closed. Only one pilot came by. Thanks

KSSC is now open. Come down and fly some patterns and provide me feed back on ground and tower.

Are you still open??

Closed at KSSC airfield.

I’m open at KSEA. Trying to practice Ground & Tower for practical exam Training Server ATC. Feed back is welcome.

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KSEA now closed. Thanks to all that came. Please provide feedback.

That was very good! Two things:

  1. When Air Canada 6 20 called inbound for landing you didn’t give him a pattern entry and sequence i.e. “enter left downwind 34C number 2 traffic to follow is on left downwind (me)”.
  2. If I report my position and include “full stop” you don’t need to clear me to land when you already cleared me for the option.

Other than that 👌.


Thanks @Trio. That’s way better than what I did when I first open. I really appreciated the positive feedback. I kind of got lost for a second and had to regroup. Pilots came in out of now where on ground. I feel better that you see some improvement in my controlling ground and tower.

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You defienitly improved from the last time you opened, for sure.

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