Won't start on my device

I have an iPad mini IOS9.1 and the game keeps crashing on my device and don’t know what to do,

Make sure all your apps are closed and you have a good internet connection. If all your apps are closed and you have a good connection manually reset your iPad.

Please provide more specific details about the issue.

When does it crash? Are you able to start the app? Is it crashing during a flight in solo or Live?

Is the device a first generation iPad Mini?
If so have you lowered all graphics settings and the show aircraft Live setting to its lowest then restart the device?
Is the device Jailbroken or running other background apps?

Lots of questions, I know, but it’s necessary in order to really be able to help you.

Thank you.

I have a 1st gen iPad mini, not jail broken. The app crashes within 3 seconds of startup, and I haven’t tampered with any of the graphics settings. I tried reinstalling the game as well and it didn’t work.

What are the graphics quality and Live settings all set to?
Is this happening when trying a Live flight session?
Go ahead and attach screen shots here in your reply. That’ll be easier. :)