Won't let me add a photo to a topic...

On my IPad using multitasking is the only way to add photos, the upload button that shows up on my phone does not show up on my Ipad. I was trying to add a map to a conversation about VA routes, and the map would not be added, but all other photos worked. See most photos when dragged over from drag and drop show a plus and share it will be added…

But the map does not…

It is not because I downloaded the map phot either, becuais I downloaded the Jet Blue photo? You got any Ideas?

Usually, what I do is go into Mobile view to upload photos. And I’m on iPad also. Just click the 3 bars in the top right to go into mobile view and the upload icon will appear.

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It’s the last symbol next to the brackets. On the right

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The reason why the touch and drop of the map didn’t work is probably that it has another picture format. Normally, pictures are a .jpeg file. The map however is more likely a .png or a .tif file, and not a .jpeg format.

Try to upload like Chatta explained. That should work.

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