Wondering if anyone can tell me takeoff speed and landing speed for all aircraft in infinite flight

I have no idea on what landing speed and takeoff speed is and i don’t want to make fun of when i play live


Hey, welcome, tell me what airplane you want to use, all planes have different landing speeds

Landing speeds


Smaller than 737-800 - 120 knots is good and smaller than the 757-200 125 knots. 767- 127 knots. 777 family 135 knots. These aren’t official but I use them as minimums.
A380- 141 knots

The 777-300ER has an approach speed of 157 and landing speed of 149

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This question is hard to answer. It really depends on load, wind conditions and all sorts of things. But if you need a gauge, based on my personal estimate, a B777-300ER takes off at minimally ~130kts. Average is in the range of 150 to 175 kts

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This detail looking up able on the Internet very easy to find and estimating not hard


Could u tell me the a321 737 a380 landing speed and takeoff speed

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Search for tutorials and search on Google…

Takeoff speeds aren’t hard to find, just try to search something like VR speed

For the 737:
Takeoff- 135 knots Flaps 5
Landing- 129 knots at flaps 30

Takeoff- 160 knots Flaps 1
Landing- 140 Flaps full

Takeoff- 165 Flaps 1+F
Landing- 147 Flaps Full
(I couldn’t find a good site for the A380, these is what I use, but I’m sure @Aernout could fill you in)
Happy Landings

Here is an easy way to determine final approach speeds for all LOW WING aircraft at all weights and flap settings.
Maintain your altitude indicator (pitch) at 2 degrees. Use your speed to maintain the glideslope (altitude). Lower speed if you are too high, increase speed if you are too low.
Adjust speed until you are able to follow the glideslope while maintaining a 2 degree nose up pitch.


For take offs use 5 degree flaps or flap 1. Once you feel you’re approaching take off speed, pull back slightly on the yoke and wait for the aircraft to lift off. Planes want to fly, you only need to guide them.

give me information such the as the aircraft, the airport you takeoff and the airport you land on , passenger loads, fuel and etc. I and I will give the speeds for both takeoff and landing

Ok thx. Sorry for the trouble

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Thx you everyone for the help if i do need the takeoff and landing speed of the aircraft i will massage you

Correction: message*

What is the rotate speed for an A321 (in IF) with load on light setting?

Around 145 with flaps 1

what about Flaps 2?

140 or less

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