Wonderful job TS pilots all grades

29,910 operations in under 1 year and a half Thanks to you IFC and I’m not even IFATC yet (haven’t taken the exams yet) I would like to thank all the wonderful pilots who came out during my six and a half hour Air Traffic Control in at LAX on training server one using runways 06L 06R and 07L 07R operations we did a wonderful job even though it was very busy and I was by myself on Tower and ground Pilots thank you for your patience we did wonderful ironing out everything I thought we were on expert server great job and thank you for the wonderful opportunity I look forward to controlling at LAX with those Pilots that followed all the rules which was 98% of you with about like I said a hundred planes on the ground thank you oh yeah not to mention the inbound traffic that I had I can’t wait to do it again who says training server Can’t Behave once again excellent job. Oh I forgot to mention extra congratulations to all the pilots who are ganged up buy Runway 25 right that followed instructions and taxi to all the way to 0 7 left thank you


That’s awesome man! LAX is a very hard Airport to control… Even on Expert Server for IFATC Members ;)

Getting Pilots on TS1 to do what you say isn’t easy, as you don’t really have the powers to ghost or anything like that.

We hope you continue to control in Airports like this!



@CR3W thank you. I love the challenge and believe it or not I did not have to repeat commands. I think that LAX is just a little more crazy than London Heathrow on the training server and I’m stil amazed at how well we did. You would have thought it was an event or FNF the way everyone behaved such as being patient and actually really giving way to the aircraft a head to the left or to the right


Dude, you should really try out for IFATC. I’m sure you would be great. There are very few who could control LAX on TS1 for over 6 hours straight. Legendary!


I came along, you were a good guy. Thought you were an IFATC member. Well done ;)


@PlaneCrazy thank you very much I greatly appreciate that the only reason why I stopped the session was because my departure and approach controller left and I got I got overwhelmed but I held it down for all them hours and it was literally heavy heavy traffic traffic for minimum five and a half out of those six and a half hours

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@2003iggy wow thank you wow that might actually inspire me to contact a recruiter or trainer at least. When I do take my exams I want to pass with more than flying colors I don’t want to just be marginal

You a god bro 6 hours😐

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@Itssherwood03 tell me about it I might have a gray hair or two it was well worth the challenge😂😂🤣

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Well study hard then! It is more daunting then you think. I failed the written first time round, and I studied hard

@2003iggy I believe you. I know those exams are hard that’s why I’ve been quote unquote studying for a little under a year-and-a-half I started ATC when I first got the game I wasn’t into piloting as much but I realize I had to do both too kind of view it from both the pilots View and that atc’s view

I just want to thank you for being atc on TS. We need more of u guys. Soon as u guys get experts. U guys go aways and make us chase u all over the world. 😂 Nice to have atc near my home airports almost continuously on TS


@Playr_Mar no I could never abandon where I came from I’ll always provide TS with ATC whether I make it to IFATC or not I will always try to provide excellent customer service for the pilots entrusting me to control the airspace for them besides the fact I wouldn’t have as many operations as I have without you guys and gals


Let me know if you want to practice and get ready for IFATC.
Happy to help!

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@azeeuwnl I’m holding you to wonderful offer 😁

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Same here…! Just drop me a pm.

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Well considering I had three go arounds it was good I wasn’t ur fault tho it’s ts1 so 😂

Wow impressive that’s probably better than my experience at EGLL where 80% listened to my decent vectoring with some mistakes here n there

I was flying at lax today on TVs and I think you will be a good air traffic controller on expert server keep up the good work 😀👍

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Thanks a lot. I think I’m too strict of a controller for expert 😂😂😂🙄