Wonderful International Spotting!

Hello, IFC!

These are just some boring pictures taken from my trip to France!

Two nice 737s taking off from KSEA!

A Korean A330-300!

A nice Hawaiian A330!

A smoky 717… anyone know why it was smoking?

Some grounded planes chilling at CDG!

Last but not least…
The Concorde!

Thank You!

Stay safe!



That tail is amazing!

Nice photos! I hope your move went smoothly! 💙


Thank you so much! Yes it went very smoothly!


Hello Again @Robertine
great shots as always
second yay

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Hello again marcel!

Thank you!

i was the first of the first hehe

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Great photos @Robertine!! I especially love the Air Austral as well as the Alaska Airlines 737 One World livery!

I hope to see trip reports all throughout Europe as well as back to SEA!


Yes there will definitely be more European spotting topics when my permit arrives!

cough cough @Moritz meetup one day?


Why is there a Delta 717, Southwest 737,Alaska 737, and Hawaiian A330 in France 🇫🇷


bc it was shot in the US

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But the summary says France just saying

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He moved from the U.S. and while doing so, he did some spotting one final time.

@Robertine what aircraft did you fly to CDG?

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I flew the A330-300
Here is a sneek peek before the trip report!

@Ethan_Brown the first few pics were at SEA then the 717 is ATL and the rest is CDG


Uhm well, depends on the Covid situation here I guess 😂 where are you planning to go?

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Idk i wanna go spotting at Frankfurt one day after corona

Oh dear, let’s see if I can be bothered to drive up there, I highly dislike that airport for spotting lol

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I saw the Concorde on my trip to France. But I tried to take a photo of it through the window of my plane with an iPhone 4. The airport is also pretty cool too.

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Nice photos. Loving the A330s.
Good luck settling in.

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Fantastic pictures! Especially the diversity is great, travelling form the US to France and the rare airlines such as Air Austral :) Thanks for sharing!

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