Wonderful Harbour Fly Out in YSSY

Hi guys, a few days ago I and many others at @QantasVirtualGroup flew at the harbour flyout at YSSY.

Server: Expert
Time: 10am Sydney Time
Airport: YSSY

I’m parked in a 737 next to the wonderful @Faris_townsend

@iJazzyman and @anon39682098 preparing for a long flight to Dallas

@Alex_E and @Michael_Anderson parked on the side of me

Taxiing to RW16R with @Toby172 in the 747, @Michael_Anderson, @Alex_E and myself together taxiing.

@TimR taking off this beautiful giant

That’s all folks


Amazing Photos, keep up all the good work.

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Amazing photos!

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Great photos! Amazing flyout indeed.

Nice photos there, looks like a fun flyout y’all did!

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I love qantas because they make a lot of long-haul !

Great photo! Thanks for coming!


Fantastic photos mate.
It was a great event and cannot wait for you to come out to our next event! ;)