Wonderful flight

Hello! IFC members

Today I flew from New Zealand to LA with @PilotA320.

Server is an expert

I’ll start now! Please enjoy. :)

With a lot of traffic

Take off vigorously!

Gear up

At cruising altitude!

Wonderful sunset

Nice to meet you! United States of America

Final turn!

Nice Landing!


It was a flight at 11 hours @PilotA320 and a pleasant flight :)


WoW it is amazing

If he has how much you give I well put 10/10

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Thank you!

Hello! The #screenshots-and-videos topic only allows 10 photos per topic.

Nice pictures by the way!

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Those are really nice

I like this one specially, but as per #screenshots-and-videos rules you are only allowed to have 10 photos in a topic

Damn, @PilotA320 beat me to it


It was reopened. :)

Nice Blog!

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