Wonder Woman (not?) spotted at KPSP

So today (at approximately 250340ZOCT16) I was derping around SoCal on TS1 in an F-16 as “Air Force 95” scanning the map for other fighters, and I saw this guy loitering around KPSP:


My curiosity was piqued, so I headed to KPSP at Mach 2 to see what aircraft type “Unknown” looks like. “Unknown” landed just as I was arriving so I slowed down and swooped over the taxiway to snap a picture. Here’s what our mystery aircraft looks like:


Must be Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet!


That’s just a server bug. You’ll see that normally happen to an aircraft, but only to you. It will be totally normal for anyone else, but they will probably have an “Unknown” aircraft as well. According to Batman Vs. Superman, Wonder Woman has been in hiding, so this might be her!


Gotcha. Made for an interesting few minutes anyway. Thanks!


Air force 95? That sounds like someone I know of… LOL


Are you PROUD of that connection you made?


I hate it when this server bug happens. If I’m really busy and an unknown aircraft appears that I’m unable to contact, I usually just close as soon as practical. Probably not the best way to deal with it, I know.

[Spoiler]Hell[/Spoiler] yeah! AIR FORCE PROUD 95! He should play IF 😒


I guess I’m not getting the inside joke/reference here. I wouldn’t care except my phone wants me to come here and read about it.

There is a YouTuber who makes awesome aviation vids IRL, and on FSX. His name is AirforceProud95. @MisterLargo

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I say… it could be Spiderman or Batman for all I know. But you know Bulba can travel 5 times the speed of sound so that could be another Bulba hommie


He pretends to be ATC when hes not on FSX multiplayer. VERY ANNOYING!!!

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