Won’t let me spawn at gate

Hey guys. I’ve been trying to spawn at Gate S7 at KSEA and it keeps saying that it’s being occupied by another aircraft even though the previous occupant left over 10 minutes ago. I’m using the A330-900NEO. Any fixes?

Hi there, sorry to hear this. If you haven’t attempted already, I would suggest restarting your app.

Possible direct causes of the issue:

  • The aircraft is still in the gate and may not be showing on the map.

  • There are aircraft in nearby gates which lap over into your current gate meaning the system does not allow you to spawn to prevent a collision between aircraft

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Hello there! I just spawned in to KSEA. I believe the reason is because there is a person right next to your gate and they may be too close to allow for you to spawn there. I am also getting the same message on my end, though! I would try again when the person at gate S8 leaves.

Thanks @Ecoops123 for the great response!

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Oh I was unaware that their aircraft would overlap mine. Thanks!