Won’t Let Me Play

Whenever I Press the App it shows a black screen for 1-3 seconds and then kicks me out.

I am on a Iphone SE (IOS) and am using 15.3


If you haven’t done it already, please try deleting, and then reinstalling the app. Let me know the result and if that doesn’t work, I’ll leave it to staff.

Hey, what version you currently in? I think your device are not supported for IF version 21.6 or above.

I recommend you restart your device, for me it’s working in the past or reinstall your app.

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The problem is my parents put on parental controls :( and my parents don’t let me get any games ._. So if I reinstall then I can’t play anyways. I tried offloading the app which reinstalls but keeps it on the Home Screen and it’s still doing it

Oh, okay.

Were you on good WiFi when you tried to enter the app?

Yes I had full bars

Sounds like they’ve perhaps blocked access to any games you have installed already?

Okay I’m not sure how to take it any further, so I’ll leave it to Sebastian for further help.

No they put it on a few months ago and it was fine

K thanks tho

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To start with here,
What device model do you have? iPhone 5 can’t run anything above iOS 10.3.4 so it’s not what you said it was.

And I play Pokémon go idk why and it still works

You’re welcome 😊

Here’s the info

Ah, iPhone SE. Fair enough :)

Based on what you’re describing, it unfortunately does sounds like a proper reinstall is required.
Offloading is not the same thing, which is why it didn’t help when you offloaded it. The corrupted file that’s most likely causing the crash, is most likely not being removed when offloading.

I understand that this may conflict with the parental controls put in place, but there’s no other way to fix this I’m afraid. And I’m sure that your parents would understand if you explain it to them.

Oh, that’s why you’re running 15.3. You’re on an iPhone SE which has the capability.

Alright here we go…

Yeah my dad said it’s a 5

One thing I’d like to add;

After removing the app, restarting your device before redownloading may be a good idea. Just to make sure it all clears out properly.

Rip I already did it