Won’t let me fly solo

When I tap the app to fly solo it would not let me fly. I tried and tried to go on the app to play but it would not work

Can you please describe what happens when you try? Any error message?

Worth knowing;
Even Solo requires an internet connection, as the terrain are streamed from FDS servers to your device.



It will say I have to contact support and it will say it is having issues contacting the servers.

Thank you!

Have it worked before?
What device are you using?
From where did you get Infinite Flight?

Also be aware of this.

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It haven’t worked. I am using a iPhone 6. And I bought this app from the AppStore

And you have an internet connection when trying?


Yes I have but I don’t want to waste my data when I try to play it

Then you will have a problem. As even Solo requires a working connection to function


Why does it have that tho?

Because it needs to load the terrain, @schyllberg did mention that a few comments up.

But dont worry, just use wifi when you have the chance!

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You should read everything.

Hmm. Why can’t it just load without using any data or connection

You beat me to it :)

Because the terrain cant be loaded from your device, it has to be loaded from servers.

A few months back it wasnt like this, you could download a region but with the new global update you’re able to fly around the world by streaming terrain.

Because the terrain and satellite imagery isn’t stored on your device. It’s streamed to your device like YouTube…


Alrighty. Thanks a lot for letting me know