Won’t connect back to live server

I got the “your phone is on 20% battery” warning a couple of minutes ago. Pressed ok and plugged my charger in, but when I plugged it in to my phone, my phone disconnected from the live server, won’t connect back. There’s nothing wrong with my WIFI, so that’s definitely not the problem. Anybody got any ideas on what may be happening?

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How long did you have the notifcation on screen? When you recieve a notifcation, IF pauses until you dismiss the notifcation. If it’s paused for too long it will disconnect you from the server for the session.


I’d say maybe 10-20 seconds. I had only checked the radar to see my location and about 10-20 seconds later I saw the notification. Maybe that’s too long

The notification has been on screen longer than a minute in the past, so that shouldn’t be the problem

Yes this has happened a few times - and it seems to disconnect a lot more when i’m using my android device to fly rather than when i’m on my iPhone…

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Did it connect back for you?

So on my iPhone it’s fine - I could check social media for like 5mins and come back to IF and it would still be connected…

Butt if i’m on my android device, if i accidentally go to the home screen or close the app for less than 10secs thers a 50/50 chance if it will still be connected, and after about a minute it will have completely disconnected.

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Weird because I’m on IOS and it’s happening to me 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ Ahh well could be worse. At least I didn’t lag out

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It probably is just a case of infinite flight and the device not talking but idk…

Have to wait and find out and see…

and yep - lagging out is single handily THE worst thing ever 😩

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Tell me about it 🙄🙄😂😂

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Okay, thanks. If your notifcation was on screen for 10-20 seconds then it should’ve still let you return to your session. Were you in contact with ATC (or just on an active frequency)? The time you are allowed to pause IF when talking to ATC is much less than if you were in unicom or not tuned to a frequency at all, which could explain the disconnection.

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I was flying from SCEL-CYYZ earlier and the live server dropped out and just wouldn’t connect. End of flight. Had no notifications on screen.

No I wasn’t in contact with any ATC

Hmm okay. It is possible that there was some other connection disruption between your device and the server while you had your notification which could’ve caused you to disconnect from the session. There isn’t much that can be done with this at the moment. My suggestion if this happens to you again is to immediately dismiss the notification so the risk of disconnection is minimal. That being said, if you keep experiencing issues with your connection to the Live server please contact support again.

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Ok. Thanks for the help

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Turn on Airplane mode for 30 seconds and turn back off. That should fix your issue.

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Android are so fussy when they disconnect. I have had to end my flight so many times from just 10 seconds off the screen :(


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