Women in Aviation starts with Laura and her friend Erika TODAY! Need Questions please.

Hey everyone,

VERY last minute change of plans for episode 45. We are going to kick off our women in aviation series with Laura Laban and her friend Erika who is the co-chair of the NGPA and a Captain for a Delta regional carrier on the CRJ!

If you have questions for Erika and Laura, please ask them here. You have one hour!

Thanks, gang.


For both:

What inspired you to become interested in aviation?

How has aviation changed you as a person?

Laura: How successful do you think the aviation industry is becoming with the increase of women becoming interested?

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What is your biggest challenge while being a pilot, and how do you overcome it?

What’s your made your love for aviation start?

For Erika: what is the best thing about your job?

For Laura: How hard is it to be in an industry primarily occupied by men?

Interesting. Great choice of guests.

My question- How do you feel is the best way to get girls and women involved with STEM subjects and jobs in industries such as aviation?

How was your first flight? Any first impressions?

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What are the differences when it comes to flying the CRJ-100 vs the CRJ-900 or CRJ-1000 ? (apart from the aircraft being a bit longer)

What do you feel is the biggest challenge involved in tackling the social stigma of people who don’t perceive the goals and awareness of the NGPA as you guys do?

To Erika:
What are the most important aspects of flying that you see currently in IF?

To Laura:
How do you incorporate suggestions from pilots / aviation experts, such as Erika, into IF?

To both Erika and Laura:

What aircraft did you do your training on?

What is your favorite GA aircraft?

To Erika:

Do you play Infinite Flight?

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To both;

Best and worst experience as a female pilot

To Erika: What inspired you to become a pilot and moreover for delta? Have you tried playing IF and if so have you checked out the CRJ currently in use? What are your opinions on this ahem slightly outdated aircraft?

To Laura: Thank you.


Updated question as I didn’t read the post properly.

A question for both of you, what would be your best advise to the fellow LGBT community who are interested in getting into aviation and potentially wanting to become a pilot but might be scared/hesitant.

To Erika:
If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring pilot, what would it be?

To Laura:
Would you ever consider flying for an airline or regional?

To both:
What is the best/most memorable moment you have in Aviation.

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Erika: when did you decide aviation was for you, and what was your path to becoming a pilot? If someone in their 30s wanted to follow their childhood passion of becoming a commercial pilot, first, is it feasible and second, how would one go about doing that?

Laura: you’ve done an absolutely terrific job with IF and with the community. You’ve created a fantastic team as well. With Global on the horizon, have you given thought to what’s next for IF such as airport enhancements like adding ramps? How about what’s next for the aircraft like maybe runway lights that enhance vision at night? IFATC is my favorite aspect of this sim. What is on the horizon for IFATC? Keep up the great work!

for laura
how do you deal with the hate that you are bombarded with because your belief is different from others

how did this affect who you are as a person

For Erika: What extra adversity did you face in the commercial aviation industry being a women?

Would you say that you were required to do more, or often pushed down by others in the industry?

Thanks, it’s inspiring to see women in a high position in the aviation industry. Keep it up, hopefully you can inspire many more to come.

I was going to ask that 😂

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What inspired you to become pilot and why?

What is your favorite airplane ? . And why that airplane?
Those questions regarding Laura and her friend .