Women in Aviation Part 2 with SouthernFlyGirl - Questions: go.

As we dive back into our multi-part series on women in aviation, FlightCast is very pleased to welcome Angela Sells, aka @southernflygirl. Angela is a mother, grandmother, breast cancer survivor, blogger, aviation photographer, and aviator among other things! She has an extensive blog at http://southernflygirl.com/ where you can learn more about her and her amazing journey!

Our chat with Angela is tomorrow (Monday) morning. If you have any unique questions for her after reading some of her blog or perusing through her awesome Instagram account, please post them here!



How does it feeling flying a tail dragger? Do you enjoy it or are you looking at flying maybe other aircraft in the future?
Also how hard has it been with your breast cancer? Any advice you’d give people going through this?


Did aviation help with your fight against cancer?

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Wow, she must have a story! I have been following her for a while, I’m glad you are interviewing her for the women in aviation series.

  1. How long has she been flying?
  2. Has she heard of/ played with Infinite Flight?

For aviation photography what camera do you use and what camera/lens do you recommend for amateur plane spotters

Thanks in advance

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45 minutes until we chat with Angela. Last chance for input!


Out of the many that you have spotted, which would you rate one of the best?

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