Woman pulls exit on plane at Bush Intercontinental Airport

A woman jumped out of an aircraft on arrival at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

A United Airlines passenger is under medical evaluation after she pulled an airplane’s overwing emergency exit and jumped out the ramp level of the plane Monday, police said.

My only idea is that maybe she was terrified of flying. Your thoughts on her drastic course of actions?


I’m speechless…I rather remain in silence instead of saying facts without a solid proof.


Some people…


That’s insane. That’s always been my biggest concern of flying, having someone pull the exit in flight

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Why did she want to go out? Did she got arrested?

Imagine if this happened in flight! Actually I prefer not to imagine…

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She was a little bit insane…?

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IT cant happen becoause att high altidude IT gets imposibole to open it


This is what happens when you have a connection but the plane is still taxiing.

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Door wouldn’t open with the altitude. But good point.

Did anyone else find it a little weird about the full grown man watching Dora the explorer… don’t mean to be random but it’s very strange.


When your flight was delayed and you have a plane to catch…


Not to bring ideas to the table, but it would still be possible at take-off right?

Yes IT coud be becoause its not the same pressure as at fl350

lol I like that answer.

I want to know how she got off the wing without being jet blasted into a different state. Even once the engines are spooling down for awhile, there’s still quite a bit of air moving behind them, enough to have almost knocked me off my feet a few times putting the main chocks in if I walked into the path of the exhaust.


No I didn’t find it weird he is watching Dora. It’s a sign of great taste.
I have read her books too… informative reading indeed… :)

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Someone got on the wrong flight.

But really who would do this other than for attention. Did she not realise the height of the wing when she jumped?

Odd. Didn’t a flight attendant do the same thing at this airport about 2 years ago???

Oh my jeebus onother plane psyco

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