Woman opens emergency exit door for "a breath of fresh air"

Emergency exit doors, useful for emergencies where the evacuation of the aircraft is essential for your survival, however one woman in China decided to let in some fresh air is also another one of their primary purposes.

Xiamen Air flight 8215 had just completed the first leg of its journey from Jinjiang, China to Wuhan, China and was taxiing out to the runway on it’s the second leg to Lanzhou, China. During taxi, a woman who was seated in the exit row of the B737-800 was briefed about sitting next to an emergency exit door and had been reminded a few times not to touch the button that opens the door. However, while the cabin crew were helping other passengers she pressed the button and opened the door for some “fresh air” while the aircraft was taxiing to the runway, she detained by police and the flight was delayed for over an hour.

The flight departed normally and no one was injured in the attempt to get fresh air. The aircraft was fitted with individual air vents which were operational at the time.

B-5488, the aircraft involved in the incident full photo credit


She wouldn’t have been able to open it in flight due to air pressure. I am just curious as to how the aircraft was only delayed by 1 hour, I never knew it took that short to replace an emergency exit door?

Doesn’t the slides come out as well?

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so first we had coins being thrown in the engine, now we have people opening emergency exits midtaxi? what has our world become…


I thought those doors can be closed like the other ones?

Well, it seems the aircraft was a Boeing 737-800. Those aircrafts don’t have overwing slides.


Ah ok! Didn’t know that.

Lol no worries, still I can totally see that!

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Not 100% sure, but I believe the overwing exits on the B737-800 are not completely removed from the airplane when opened, but just remain above the exit, and should therefore be relatively easy to close again.

Well, who remembered when a woman threw a coin into the plane’s engines for good luck?

Sometimes you just have to feel sorry for some people, don’t you. People like her lower the average IQ of the world’s population.

I read about this lol

If they were just 30000ft higher while she opened the door everyone would have died just so the lady can have some “fresh air”

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She wouldn’t have been able because of the pressure.

Here I thought people in America were idiots.

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The pressure doesn’t play a huge role on a 737. The over wing exits are not the plug type like on an Airbus, they fold outwards and upwards. What stops someone from opening them is a mechanical lock which engages when takeoff thrust is set.

I was thinking that as well…

Just wow…that is srsly dumb!

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