Woman Dries Her Underwear with Air Vent

Haha I saw this on Reddit. Some people really just do not give a damn.

Some people don’t miss any opportunity to get most from their surroundings 😂

All a can say is… 🤦‍♂️ what human in the world could ever be that dumb?

Oh wait! Her!

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What could possibly be next? Guy misses his flight so he runs out onto the jetway?

Boarding in style.

Photo credit Red Bull/Free Running

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Also this kinda implies she had no pants no, so that may be grosser…

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fade in from black a purple sky of a dying day
Careless Whisper saxophone fades in

The real question:

Where were her pants?! Was there a nude (or pantiless??) woman on a flight? I am very concerned!


My point exactly that would be bad

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That moment when I saw this first on ATCmemes 😂


Someone has only gone and done it again 😬😮

Humanity has peaked



Yeah, buit looks like the pants of a child…

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