Woman compensated due to hard landing

A woman was recently compensated by ryanair due to a hard landing by the company.

Source: The Irish Times

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What the heck? that’s insane!

That’s stupid.

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That is rather stupid but Ryanair is known for their landing “skills”


The “McDonald’s hot coffee” mentality. It is disgusting that people get away with this crap.


19,000 EUROS?! Ryanair should get better training

If she enjoys such luxurious landings then she should spend that money on a chauffeur pilot, or even better a pilot training course so she can ‘perfect’ them landings to suit her fussy needs

Unless the plane hit a wall, I don’t see how someone could have their face strike the seatback in front of them, especially if it was in its full, upright position. Must have simply not been paying attention and leaning forward while rooting around in her carry-on luggage.

And that’s the airlines fault?

Guess that now the cabin crew must instruct the passengers that they too must remain in the full upright position during landing.

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Everyone is gonna smack their heads from now on so they get €19,000.


Totally new business plan :-)

Well, what do you expect when you have 300 hr pilots landing. Lol

Unless she’s the Queen NO WAY!