Woman boards Delta flight without ticket or identification

Wow… okay!


Hold my beer gets on flight in first class to Japan for World Cup


Omg, this is so funny, I just sat down for dinner and my Dad was talking to me about this ;)

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So many loopholes have been exposed here. How did she manage to get through TSA and gate agents?

My best bet is she went through a employee portal. Anyone who works at a airport has a SIDA badge. Most likely piggybacked behind someone going through a door who just used their badge. Problem is during training, it is shoved down your throat to always look behind you and never let anyone (even another employee) walk in behind you without them swiping their badge also. That is rule 1.

I can see SIDA badges being deactivated at MCO, but can’t rule out sneaking by TSA. Highly unlikely, but anything is possible!

Edit: She was screened by TSA


I thought airports were meant to be secure places, with strict rules and laws, looks like there is a issue.


Oh my god. The good thing is they have see stopped her before the worst may happen.

Anyone remember PSA Flight 1771?

Yeah, it could’ve happened the same


I think airports are very safe for the most part in this day and age due to amplified security…

This rarely happens at any airport in this day and age, not sure what happened here though

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this makes sense…not

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Man this girl is a Ninja how did the airport not notice her I mean someone is getting fired

Actually the full info is not disclosed. It is possible she actually came from another flight or something like that.

Looks like the new information says she was screened before boarding the plane.

She didn’t come from a connecting flight as she was screened through Orlando. Question still remains, what happened to her ID & boarding pass? And how did she get past boarding agents without that ticket? You need both to go through TSA, and a pass to get onboard. Very well she may have lost it after screening. Interesting story for sure.

I think she went to her gate then threw her boarding pass or something

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