Wolf Volcano on Isabella Island, Galapagos

Galapagos Islands tour in a Citation_X from SEST to SEII. Total flight time about 1 hour Local time about 12:30 PM on Training Server.


Ooh! That’s some interesting scenery 🤔😆

That’s pretty cool! This scenery is sweet, and we can enjoy it thanks to the amazing work from our devs and staff.

Keep up the great work with the photos!

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That’s a cool looking volcano there, it looks great! Nice photo there, @Kansas_Scotty!

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Nice! Been to the Galapagos myself, unfortunately didn’t visit this volcano. Nice shot, truly a magical place.

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Cool Picture! Keep it up!

Strangely smooth dip in the volcano, I like it.

I would be somewhat tempted to take a short dip through the volcano crater…

Nice picture, thanks for sharing!

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Amen to that.

Nicely done!

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