Woke up and overnight flight was still only 4 hours in, help

Device:iPhone 13
Operating system:ios

Help, I was doing a overnight 14 hour flight and when I woke up I was only 4 hours in, I checked replay and found this what does this atc message mean this has happened to me multiple times but all the time it was only like disconnected for 1 minute, never this long

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It appears you were loosing connection with the server. At least for me, if you turn off your device (not “all the way”, and go back in, you’ll be in the same place. This is likely what was happening but caused by a connection issue rather than device sleeping. Even if it was only for a minute, if it was happening over and over again, the lost time would start to add up. Do you have a stable internet connection, etc.?

Since you are on IOS, a possible reason could be that you had a pop up notification, such as a request for an update or a low battery warning. In my past experience, this doesn’t just pause the game but freezes your flight completely, hence having to disconnect from the server.

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Yea this happens all the time but it only says lost connection for a minute, I have a stable concnectjon

Ok thanks probably a update notification

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