Woa md11f KSAN-KSFO

Oh boy I haven’t flown the md11(f) in a few months, time to fly it again!

Flight information:

Aircraft: MD11f
Flight time: 1:16
Call sign: YA-HOO heavy
Cruising speed: Mach 0.76-86 (center kept changing my speed for the sake of sequencing)
Cruising altitude: FL310
Parallel landing: NO >:c but the aircraft behind me did so I’m sad :c

Ro ta té off of runway 27

Randomly getting chased by @Spark-1908

Descending into KSFO

Landing on runway 28R with a united 777 starting its take off run

Parked next to an Emirates cargo 777f with another 777 taking off in the background!

Kinda messed up the editing in a couple but I can’t bother changing it lol


i know right they kept changing everyones speeds

Nah I talked to the controller and he said that he was just trying to change the sequencing

Great photos, love them 😍

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