WMKK-WSSS flight

WMKK-WSSS flight for mhva first event malaysia airlines 737 expert server obviously

At the gate

Waiting for takeoff

Island of sumatra during climb

Approaching singapore at FL100

Ryanair landing

Didnt get time to shoot cruise, was way too short


Must have been awfully short great pictures!

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Yeah only around 49 mins

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Awesome pictures! Hope you enjoyed your flight!

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Yes I surely did!

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Thanks for coming down, Henry! We appreciate it :)


Amazing shots buddy !

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Amazing shots! How come you managed to get all this?

  • Did you change your time to noon instead of the real event time at 1400Z? Hahaha
  • What editing software did you use (if any)?
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Great Shots! A tip for next time would be to not increase the contrast too much

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That event was really good definitely enjoyed!

Yeah thanks bro!

To answer @Anthony_Morgan’s questions

It was daytime when I went to this event where I was staying also pics at night looks worse hehe

Using adobe Lightroom

Hope you liked my pics!

Yeah first time editing a photo! Thanks for enjoying!