WMKK Runways Disappear.

So I was flying out of WMKK today and as zooming out I saw this

The runways disappear!

just restart your device and you’ll be fine

Not yet. Did you try restarting the app first?

Have you restarted your device yet?

Yep tried it!
Restarted it
The thing is that when you zoom out there will a point they disappear then they appear back

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That is just how the sim works. The further you zoom out, the less you see, to prevent clustering on the map. If you also notice, fixes, airways, and ILS approaches will also disappear whilst zooming out, unless selected.


You’re right. Just tested it out. Found your solution!

Well not exactly…I tried with other runways but you can see the runway line when zoomed out… but here I only see the red lines not the runway.
Not sure if only me or other users as well!

No, I am 100% sure that that is your issue. Here is an example of this happening at WSSS, WSAP, and WSAC at the same time. You can zoom in and out infinitely, and that will always occur, no matter what, as that is just how it was designed, to prevent cluster.

(The reason nothing else is showing up is because I hid them)

Well at the same zoom level…I get this

It’s only WMKK
(Btw I’m using IPad Pro)

Yes, in you photo, the runway markings are gone. What you see are the airways, and are mistaking them for runways. There happens to be none of those at WMKK. If you select “hide airways”, then you will see the same thing as me. I am positive that there is nothing wrong. Tell me any airport, and I am sure the same thing will occur.

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Ben is correct. The further out you zoom things begin to disappear to avoid a mass of clutter on the screen. Does this with other runways other than WMKK. Does not appear to be any sort of problem.
Topic should be closed.


Yep! Your right tried it on other airports and same thing happened

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That’s not always the case with things Jeff sometimes it’s the app sometimes Its the device

Not an issue, rather a feature.